The Emmett FamilyThe Emmett Family incorporating Masterman, Laidler, Casey, Minto, Anthony, Mackey, Shorten,  Currie, Graham, Nicholson, Bell, Scott,Pace, Chesney, Tomlin or Tombling, Cowen, Bruce, Steele, Bainbridge, Callum, Carr, Halsted, Drew, Anderson, Reay and more.The Emmett Family


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Family History:
Blue Bell Inn
Cowen Family/Joseph Cowen MP
Dent's Hole
Emmetts 1700s-1950s
Masterman Family

Aberuchill 1975 Mrs E's Diary

Kit Emmett - Biography
Effie Masterman Dodds
Harry Masterman - WWII Exploits
Mick Masterman
Anne Masterman Tremayne
Sylvia Emmett (Mooney) - Biography
Eulogy for Sylvia Mooney
Eulogy for Mike Mooney
John Robertson

Autobiography of
Bette Masterman Emmett:

Part 1 - Copeland Terrace
Part 2 - Parade Crescent
Part 3 - Belford Terrace
Part 4 - Scarborough Road
Part 5 - Grace Street
Part 6 - Morley Street

Ellen Laidler

Postcards - Nellie Laidler Emmett:
Postcards 1

Access all Emmett Family content outside frames at <a href="" target="display">links</a> page. <p><span style="color:blue; font-size:50%">The EMMETTS of DENT'S HOLE were well known in the 19th and early 20th Century as Mariners, Fishermen and Watermen on the River Tyne. They also at one time ran the BLUE BELL INN (forerunner of the later Blue Bell Inn on Shields Road) in Byker.<br/> The Emmett Family continues to thrive (though not necessarily under that name) and there are descendants of Kit Emmett and Bette Masterman (to whom this site is dedicated) all over the British Isles and, at various times, all over the world.<br/> If you are able to add any information to our Family Tree, or if you are related to the family, or have any stories to tell about our ancestors, please get in touch- we would love to hear from you.</span></p>

Family Websites:
Barbara Scott-Emmett - Writer
Elaine Robertson - Writer
Coldstream Guards - Windsor
Cliff Emmett - Photos
BBQ Plus Cyprus
The Bumble Books - Jimmy Bain
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Emmett/Masterman Genealogy
Family Search - Trace Your Ancestors
Genes Reunited
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